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Brighter Images Photography

...Where precious moments in time are captured and preserved for generations!

We are an award-winning photographic team who believe in capturing your story through photographs. We use our combined talent to provide you with an exceptional photographic experience. We use the wonderful and varied aspects of existing light to capture images in natural settings, but we can also provide a studio look with our portable lighting equipment and backgrounds – we bring the photo studio to you.

Download Instructions when Downloads are Enabled: Click on the thumbnail image you wish to download - this will make the image nearly full-screen. Click the down-arrow that has a little line under it in the bottom right of the screen (if it’s not there, try moving your mouse to make it reappear). That should pop up a window that asks if you'd like to download or open the file. Choose "download" to save the image onto your computer, wherever your browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) saves downloaded files by default (normally your "Downloads" folder). If you have difficulty, please send us a note through our Contact Us page.

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